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Episode 6: Putting Our Scars Into Service

In the last Episode of Series 1 of How We Care, Elizabeth and Paul discuss the idea that as helping professionals our most difficult life events (e.g. mental or physical illness, loss, bad treatment by other people can be used to deepen our empathy for clients and sharpen our effectiveness as a helper. The How We Care podcast will be back in July for Series 2. Listen Here

Episode 5: Self-Care part 2 back to basics

Continuing from Episode 3, but going back to basics at request of some listeners. Focus on healthy sleep patterns, exercise, diet, pacing ourselves and finding an outlet to express and release emotions. Listen Here

Episode 4) The Benefits of being a Mindful Professional with Dr Liz Sparkes

In this episode Dr Liz Sparkes, Director of Coventry University's Masters in Mindfulness and Compassion, discusses what mindfulness is (and isn't) outlines the benefits of mindfulness benefits, and the links between mindfulness and compassion. Listen Here

Click here for articles on mindfulness and wellbeing.

Episode 3) Self-care for Helping Professionals

We discuss our best self-care hacks, as well as some of the ways in which helping professionals can neglect caring for themselves because of a focus on prioritizing the needs of those they help, and how that can be counterproductive for our own-well-being. Listen Here

Articles on self-care ideas and principles:

10 tips for coping during a pandemic, from a psychotherapist and expert patient

Pacing for fatigue & post-viral recovery also useful for stress management and learning to prioritise your own needs

For more articles on self-care related topics like sleep and mindfulness see this page

Episode 2) The Problem with Positive Thinking

Elizabeth and Paul speak of how helping professionals of all kinds are united in their desire to use their skills and knowledge to help people make positive changes and feel better about life. In seeking to enable these outcomes, however, we can sometimes try to 'fast track' the client to a better state through use of 'positive thinking' strategies for which the client/patient/student may not yet be ready. Inadvertently we may reinforce a double bind where the person being helped expresses difficult emotions, and then feels additionally bad for not being more positive! Listen here

Episode 1) Being with Emotions In Helping Conversations

Elizabeth and Paul discuss the core conditions for being present and supportive when clients express strong emotions such as fear, anger, or grief in helping conversations. They also explore how helping professionals can protect themselves from absorbing difficult emotions when helping clients through tough times. Listen here

How We Care Podcast. Podlogo

'How We Care' Podcast

Launched in November 2020, my monthly podcast with careers guidance consultant and friend Paul Gaunt, ‘How We Care’ are a series of monthly collaborative conversations between helping professionals for people who care for a living. We consider the challenges in this, how best to look after our own wellbeing and ways to develop effectiveness. Formerly Head of several university careers services, Paul is now a Lecturer teaching trainee careers practitioners and has a private Careers Guidance Business based in Liverpool and online.

With combined experience in our respective fields of nearly 60 years, we are passionate about what we do and the interactions we have with clients. The podcast comes from a shared love of, and person-centred approach to, our work, and a fascination with parallel skills and issues. Relevant to social workers, teachers, managers, counsellors, nurses, psychologists, holistic therapists, physical therapists, Occupational Therapists, coaches, physiotherapists, doctors, HR professionals….it is of interest to anyone having human interactions as part of their work that can surprise, challenge and even shock. Planned topics include: being with emotions in session; practitioner self-care; the problem with positive thinking and the importance of supervision.

'How We Care' will be available on all podcast platforms and with regular updates on Twitter, follow us @lizahpool & @paulgoodwork to stay in the loop and subscribe on your favourite podcast platform.

This is ‘How We Care’!

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